Implementing one-to-one Chromebook initiatives [Podcast #003]

During this episode we delve into the art and science of implementing a one-to-one initiative in your school.  We break down what the research says and what teachers and principals are doing to get some traction in using these new technology resources in a way that benefits student learning and builds teacher confidence.  

We also have a new item in the Ninja Toolbox that will make giving feedback a breeze and knock off hours of time spent during this important but painstaking process.  Regardless of how committed you are to writing instruction, nobody loves going through the editing and revising process especially when you’re doing it for one hundred or more students.  Finally, we have a solution that helps teachers significantly cut down on this time-consuming part of the writing process.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Keys to a successful one-to-one Chromebook initiative in your school
    • Patience — Set realistic expectations
    • Focus on a single purpose, such as improving writing instruction
    • Allow teachers regular opportunities to learn from each other
  • Ninja Tool Spotlight – Kaizena
    • Embed audio feedback into your student writing assignments using this Google Docs add-on
  • #ClassroomNinja – Share your favorite Google Docs writing lesson plans

Additional Resources:

Check out the video below for a quick overview from Kaizena about how their Google Docs add-on can help speed up the process of giving feedback to student writing assignments:


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