Formative assessment that improves student learning [Podcast #004]

Formative assessment can sometimes get a bad rap. The more we can simplify the process as teachers and remember the real purpose behind it in the first place, the more apt we are to use it on a daily basis. Which, in turn, will allow us to reap greatest benefits from this small investment of our time. In this episode, we explore how to get the most out of our formative assessments while requiring the least amount of setup and planning. We also look at Socrative, a powerfully simple and FREE web-based tool for formative assessment.

In this episode:

  • Ninja Tool Spotlight –
  • Focus on formative assessment
  • #ClassroomNinja

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Ninja Tool Spotlight: is an online formative assessment program from Mastery Connect that is free for teachers to use.  Simple user interface and easy for students to participate in your assessment.  Get instant charts summarizing student responses so you can make adjustments to your instruction on the fly.  See the video below for a brief overview:

Focus on Formative Assessment

-check for understanding
-drives instruction
-NOT included in grade or used to judge teacher performance

-Keeps us from driving too far in the wrong direction
-Regular use keeps students engaged

-Fist to five
-Thumbs up, sideways, down
-Exit slip – 3 things I learned today, 2 things I found interesting, one question I still have
-Body language

Student work…
-Venn Diagram
-3 things — potential misunderstandings by others

-Google Forms

#ClassroomNinja — What is your favorite type of formative assessment?


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