Save Time and Money Using Teachers Pay Teachers with Linda Kamp – Phoenix, AZ [Podcast #006]

As teachers and principals we are always looking for quality resources to capture the imagination of our students.  Doing it in a way that doesn’t cost us a lot of time or money can be a challenge.  This episode focuses on two quality ways to spice up your class and do so without having to spend hours of time planning and creating new resources.  Linda Kamp, a second grade teacher from Phoenix, AZ, joins us to discuss her Teachers Pay Teachers store and shares her secrets for how to get the most bang for your buck through this online marketplace of teacher-created resources.

We also look at how to add over 10,000 books to your classroom library.  Oh, and as a teacher, you can have this all for FREE.

In this episode:

Ninja Tool Spotlight – Epic! for Teachers (digital library)
Interview with Linda Kamp (Phoenix, AZ) – Making smart use of Teachers Pay Teachers
#ClassroomNinja – Share your favorite teacher blog

Listen to the Audio:

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Digital Tool Spotlight:

Epic! for Teachers ( allows you to add over 10,000 children’s books for ages 12-under to your classroom library absolutely free of charge.  Books include award-winners like Goosebumps, Big Nate, Fancy Nancy, Disney’s Frozen, and Batman, that are accessible on any tablet, computer, or mobile device.  And there are tons of books that also include audio for students to listen to the book being read to them.  

Teacher accounts are free and include the ability to add up to 30 student accounts under your teacher account.  Parents can pay for a monthly membership, at $4.99 per month, to give their students access to these same books at home as well.

Teachers Pay Teachers:

Linda Kamp, a second grade teacher from Phoenix, is one of a growing number of teachers to use TPT as a way to bring engaging and relevant lessons to her classroom.  What began as a solution for finding quality resources at a reasonable cost eventually led her to become one of the many teachers who now share their lessons via their own TPT store.  She shared her perspective on the power of TPT and how teachers can best use it to maximize our limited resources of time and money.  We learned:

  • TPT offers lessons and resources for teachers of all grade-levels and curricular content areas
  • Resources range from individual worksheets to complete year-long lesson plans
  • Prices to purchase resources range from $2-$40, with a ton of freebies as well
  • Sign up and subscribe to individual teacher stores to be kept up-to-date on new resources and promotions
  • Provide feedback on your purchases to earn TPT bucks that can be applied towards the cost of future purchases

Thanks to Linda for sharing her inside tips and tricks for how to make the most of this ever-growing source for teachers!  You can visit Linda’s TPT store and follow her blog at the links below:

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